8.5Inch Electronic Drawing Board LCD Screen


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Color: white, black, blue, red, green

Material: ABS frame

Display: 8.5 inch LCD screen

Power mode: a built-in CR2025 button battery(Include)

Cleaning: please wipe gently with a soft cloth

Functions: writing, drawing, one-click delete


Are you looking for a super cool item for your child that he or she can take anywhere and use over and over again? Our awesome product is perfect for kids who like love drawing, doodling, and writing! It’s super lightweight, easy to carry, and you can use it anytime you want! Plus, it has a button that lets them lock and clear the screen easily, so they can start a new drawing or message whenever they want! You don’t need any ink to use it, which means you’re also helping to save the planet and money simultaneously. Best of all, it’s completely safe for them to use since it doesn’t have any radiation that can harm the body. So they can use it without any worries or fears. If they’re having trouble clearing the screen, don’t worry! Just tell them to open the switch at the back, and they’re good to go! Thank you for choosing our amazing product, and watch your child have fun creating and writing!




8.5Inch White, 8.5Inch Black, 8.5Inch Green, 8.5Inch Red, 8.5Inch Pink, 8.5Inch Blue


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